PE and School Sport


For the 2017/18 academic year, we achieved the GOLD School Sports Mark Award.



Our vision is to raise the aspirations of all pupils so that they can develop skills to perform a variety of physical activities which will lead them to live an active and healthy lifestyle. High quality PE and School Sport is an entitlement of all pupils regardless of physical and mental abilities or disabilities, or athletic talent.



We aim to ensure that the provision will inspire our children to become fully engaged and raise their aspiration's. The provision will be appropriate and fully inclusive to meet the needs of all our children, whilst providing sufficient challenge. The children will be provided with the skills, confidence and relevant experiences to succeed at their chosen levels. They will develop an understanding of the need for discipline and rise to the challenge of competition and participate competitively.


Use of Sport Funding For 2018/19: 

Our PE Funding for this year is £16000.  For details of how we propose to spend this against 5 key indicators CLICK HERE


Use of Sport Funding For 2017/18

 Our PE Funding of £16,000.00 for the financial year of 2017/18 has been used to:

 Employ coaches from Derby County Community Trust to provide PE/game sessions (£900)

 Employ dedicated teachers for dance, dramatic dance/drama and swimming (£1,150)

 Sports Packages to allow participation in local and county competitions as well as access to training and to use the village hall during winter months (£1,920)

 Employ coaches from Derby County Community Trust to provide an after-school sport club(£1,344)

 Employ additional staff to accompany pupils for out-of-school training & competitions and at lunchtime to provide a range of physical activities and games (£3,144)

 Fund CPD opportunities for staff (£1,283)

 Purchase additional sport equipment, pirate ship and a gazebo (£4,033

 Playground and netball area re-marked (£1,315)

 Provide transport which allows participation in activities at Parwich, Fenny Bentley, Clifton, Ashbourne and at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School in Ashbourne (£908)

 Provide a 



All pupils have been involved in intra-school and inter-school competitive activities.

Staff have received training through support from specialist staff in tennis and multi-skills.

Structured lunchtime physical activities have been available for all pupils.

A range of sport and physical activities have been offered to engage all pupils.

PE equipment has been updated as necessary, football goalposts and a pirate ship have been purchased to enhance all-season outdoor activities.



KS2 have 15 hours of swimming instruction at Ashbourne sports centre.

All children have an hour of training in a variety of sports with coaches from Derby County in the Community, this is within the school day.

All pupils from years 1 to 6 have the opportunity to join the after-school sports clubs which run for an hour each week during the terms with lighter nights: autumn 1, summer 1 and summer 2. Thursday sports are organised by coaches from Derby County in the Community and Friday netball is organised by a parent.

The year 6 pupils continue to lead outdoor sports sessions, taking it in turns each week with a different activity that they organise and lead.

Specialised coaching sessions are held during the spring term in the village hall, these tend to be gymnastic or dance based.

Staff have received training through Derby County in the Community, a PE course at Lea Green and our mid-day supervisors attended a training session.



Competitive inter-school events are held at Q.E.G.S.  We attend some events on our own and some as BiggHarts. This is a joint team with Hartington Primary School - we are proud to say that our pupils do very well!

KS1 have taken part: - cross-country, multi-skills, indoor rounders, gymnastics, rugby and mini-olympics.

KS2 have taken part in: - hockey, pentathlon, basketball, sportshall athletics, dance, Hi5 netball, sports-crew, football, orienteering, rugby, quad-kids, kwik-cricket, tri-golf, rounders and drama.

We held the Three Dale Sports Afternoon on our field to which parents came along to support. Pupils from Hartington and Monyash joined us on Thursday 28th June and every child took part in at least three races. Stickers are awarded to each participant; it is not a competition between schools, just an enjoyable inter-school afternoon with pupils racing against each other.

Competitive intra-school events culminate in the end-of-year Sports Evening to which all parents, guardians, family members and friends are invited. The pupils are divided into teams and compete against each other - the winning team receive a trophy that is kept in school and small prize each, the others receive a smaller prize!

 Our older pupils also took part in the Bakewell Day of Dance.