Pupil Premium


Pupil Premium money is additional funding the school receives for:

  • Children in Care
  • Children eligible for free school meals
  • Children from services families


£8,220 was received for 7 eligible pupils for the 2016/17 financial year which was spent as follows:

£5,728 for one-to-one teaching

£2,274 for in-class support

£267 was spent on resources

(we used £49 of our budget to fund over-spend)


For the year 2017/18  we anticipate that we will receive £9,875.

Number of eligible children: 7  See link below for details.


Current Achievement:

The headteacher reports fully to the governing body, however, due to our small cohort, we do not publish end of KS2 results or information which may result in the identification of individual pupils.



Our Pupil Premium Strategy Statement for 2017/18 can be read HERE