Biggin C of E Primary School

Achieve Believe Care

The names of the governors are listed below; they meet formally at least once a term.


Name of Governor                  Governor type             Start date                    End of term of office

Chair of the Governing Body:

Mr Peter Edge                         Co-opted                     07.02.2012                  February 2020


Vice-chair of the Governing Body:

Mrs Sandra McCurrach           Co-opted                      21.01.2002                  January 2022


Miss Teresa Nicholls               Headteacher               01.09.2018                   ex-officio

Mrs Joanne Eaton                   Teacher                       01.09.1996                  September 2020

Ms Kay Clayton                       Foundation                  19.10.2010                  October 2022

Mrs Jan Page                          Co-opted                     11.05.1977                   May 2020

Mr Myles Leslie                       Parent                         24.02.2014                   February 2022

Mrs Anne Bunting                    Parent                         18.10.2017                  October 2022

Mrs Julia Hewgill                      Foundation                 12.10.2016                  October 2022

Mr Richard Adams                   Parent                        05.11.2018                   November 2022

Mrs Annmarie Bonsall             Parent                        05.11.2018                    November 2022

Miss Emma Worrall                 Parent                        05.11.2018                    November 2022

Vacancy                                   Local Authority


Clerk to the Governing Body               Mrs D Currington

Quorum: 6 – one half of the number of governors in post

Interest arising from relationships between Governors or relationships between Governors and school staff (including spouses, partners and close relatives): -                                                          

Sarah Williams, Teaching Assistant and Sandra McCurrach, Community Governors = sisters.




What do the governors do?

  1. They have responsibility for the school’s budget under L.M.S. (Local Management of Schools)

  2. They visit the school as often as they can

  3. Where possible, they attend the Christmas, Easter, Harvest Celebrations, End of Year concert and help wherever and however possible with fund-raising

  4.  They help with pupils’ visits and activities

  5. Parent governors attend meetings of the Friends of Biggin School

  6. Dedicated governors for Special Needs governor, Health & Safety, Numeracy, Literacy governor and Pre-school link

  7. They have four working committees that report back to the full governing body


Governor monitoring rota 2018 / 19

September          Local Authority

October               Peter Edge

November           Julia Hewgill

December           Jan Page    

January               Parent

February             Parent

March                  Anne Bunting

April                     Myles Leslie

May                     Julia Hewgill

June                    Kay Clayton

July                     Sandra McCurrach

They meet at least once a term as a full governing body 



Governors’ Statement of Aims

The aims of the school are to help pupils: -


  • To feel welcome and secure in an exciting environment where they want to come to learn.

  • To encourage curiosity and a desire to investigate, question and understand.

  • To communicate clearly and confidently with others, particularly through developing listening, speaking, reading, writing, I.C.T. and number skills.

  • To enjoy the arts, science, technology, history, geography and physical activity.

  • To be respectful and tolerant of our world and environment, the people and things in it, through working and sharing tasks.


Attendance Record 2017/2018

Heather Gosney                      Head Teacher                                     13/13

Joanne Eaton                          Teacher                                               7/8

Peter Edge                              Co- Opted Governor                            8/8

Miles Leslie                             Parent Governor                                  6/9

Sara McCarthy                        Parent Governor                                  7/9

Jacqueline Pearson                 Parent Governor                                 4/9

Stacey Harland                        Parent Governor                                 4/7

Janice Page                             Co-Opted Governor                            8/8

Sandra McCurrach                  Co-Opted Governor                            8/8

Christopher Ashurst                L A Governor                                       6/10

Howard Kilner                         Foundation Governor                          4/8

Kay Clayton                             Foundation Governor                         6/9


Work of the Full Governing Body 2017 - 18

The  Governing Body met in October (AGM), February, March, May and July.  At each meeting the Governors received a report from the Head about pupil achievement; other targets in the School Improvement Plan (SIP); activities in school; professional development opportunities for staff; and management meetings. Reports from the Curriculum, Health and Safety, Finance and Personnel Committees were received and recommendations approved and adopted.


  • The members also received information about and discussed the following items:
  • Safeguarding updates
  • Results of the Parental Questionnaire
  • Future changes
  • Approved the school budget for the financial year 2018 - 19
  • SIRR - report from the Local Authority Adviser
  • Reports on Headteacher's Performance Management

The SIP was reviewed and new targets agreed for 2018 - 19

The following policies were discussed and agreed directly by  the Full Governing Body:

 Safeguarding Policy; Teachers' Pay; Competence Procedure for Support Staff; Managing Allegations; Code of Conduct for Staff; Harassment and Bullying Procedures;


The Governors approved the SFVS, Safeguarding Audit and Accessibility Plan.


In January 2018, an additional meeting of the Full Governing Body took place to ratify the recommendation of the Headteacher Recruitment panel.

Individual Governors visited the school as part of their monitoring role.  They spent time in classes, observed playtimes and lunchtimes and attended open days and school trips.  They reported back to the Full Governing Body.