Biggin C of E Primary School

Achieve Believe Care

Key Stage 2


This half term in KS2 we are learning all about animations and how they are created. In this lesson, the children created numerous still images with slight changes in order to create a short animation. The children couldn't believe films are still made in this way. As you can see, some of them were very amusing!




In history last half term we completed a local history study all about the Plague and how the villagers of Eyam shut themselves off from surrounding villages in order to protect themselves and others. We even visited Eyam and enjoyed comparing the village to Biggin. 

This half term, we begin learning about the Victorians, including the British Empire and the industrial revolution.


 In Maths, Year 3 and 5 are learning about multiplication and division, whilst Year 6 begin their topic on ratio.

Here are some KS2 children learning how to divide with remainders by making shapes with a different number of sides with the same number of lolly sticks. The sticks that couldn't make another shape was the remainder. 



In September, we began learning to play the ukulele! The children are enjoying learning different chords and reading tab every week.


 Linking to our topic on the Victorians, we are using the book 'Cogheart' by Peter Bunzl, an action, adventure and mystery story set in an alternate Victorian Era. We will begin writing a diary entry this week.


This half term, we are learning about electricity. So far, we have considered how electricity has changed and improved our lives , constructed a simple circuit and investigated conductors and insulators.



This half term we are learning about why the Bible is important to Christians. This week, we created a maze in the classroom and tried to work our way to the other end blindfolded alone and then with a partner to guide us. We decided that it was so much easier, we felt safer, more confident and relaxed having the guide through the maze and linked this to how Christians feel with the Bible to guide them through life.