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In 2019, six Year 6 pupils took the end of KS2 tests.  To prevent individuals being identified, we are not permitted to publish the results of cohorts of less than ten. However we can ay that we are very proud of their achievements and all have made a smooth and successful transition to high school.

DfE Performance Tables can be see here.


Term times - please click here to access Derbyshire County Council's term time calendar but also see the calendar for events happening in and after-school.

In September 2013 the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 came into force. These regulations make it clear that Headteachers should not grant approval for any leave of absence during term-time, including holidays, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Any requests should be on an official school absence request form and handed into the school office for consideration prior to any holiday/leave arrangements being made. You may be issued with a Penalty Notice should leave be taken which is not authorised.



Menus are available online by clicking here.

74.3% of the children have a school meal which is cooked at the nearby Hartington School kitchen. It is brought to us by road in special containers to maintain the temperature of the food. Meals cost £2.10 per day per child which is £10.50 per week and payable preferably in advance by cash or cheque made payable to Biggin School. All pupils in KS1 are entitled to, and do receive a lunch free of charge thanks to the Universal Free Schools Meals scheme.

25.7% of the children bring a packed lunch from home, if you would like a copy of our healthy option ideas please ask in the office. If your child requires any cutlery for their packed lunch, please ensure it is in their bag. If your child forgets their packed lunch, we will order them a school meal at £2.10 unless you telephone before 09:10.

8.6% of our pupils have a free school meal. Application forms are available from the school office or online by clicking here


School uniform

We do not have a strictly enforced uniform, however, we do have a selection of school uniform items that are available to purchase from the school office or you may order direct from SchoolTrends.

Royal blue sweat-cardigans, polo-shirts, fleece jackets, woolly hats and sun-hats with an embroidered school logo.

White polo-shirts with an embroidered school logo.

Royal blue sweatshirts with a printed logo - we prefer all children to have one of these (or a sweat-cardigan) for out-of-school trips and visits.

Tartan pinafores and skirts available too.

Sensible footwear is required at all times as the children play outdoors twice a day.

A P.E. kit is required: your child's bag should contain pumps, shorts and t-shirt. Kits can be ordered (shorts, embroidered t-shirt and bag) from school. A pair of trainers will be needed for games along with a sweatshirt and pair of jogging bottoms which are very useful for colder days. If your child has hair long enough to be tied back, please ensure a hair-bobble is kept in the bag along with a pair of socks if tights are likely to be worn.

Jewellery must be removed at home on P.E. days, please refer to the school newsletter for these days.

Waterproof coats are required to be kept in school at all times along with a pair of wellies in the winter months as we do go outside in all weathers.

Book bags are very useful, these can also be purchased from the office.

Items of school-wear are sold to parents/guardians at cost-price, please ask in the office for an up-to-date price list. 


Church Report

In May 2017 we were delighted to be judged as 'Good'. Please click here to read our SIAS (National Society Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools) Report.


Ofsted Report

Following the short inspection on 5th October 2016, we were pleased to be judged as ‘Good’.

Please click here to read our current OfSTED report.


Our Privacy Notice can be read here


Data Protection information can be found here and our certificate can be seen by clicking here


Biggin School's Website Declaration can be read here.



We are a Sun-Safe School, we help children to enjoy the sun safely by: -  

 • Providing all pupils with appropriate sun protective hats

• Providing all pupils with access to an SPF 30+, broad-spectrum, high quality UVA protective sunscreen

• Ensuring all teachers and staff act as Sun Safe role models

• Ensuring all pupils are educated annually on safety.

We recognise that together we have a duty of care to ensure that our children grow up with sufficient knowledge of sun safety and that our pupils are adequately protected against the sun’s harmful rays whilst in our care.



AquAid water coolers

We identified the benefits of providing water throughout the day to all pupils and wished for a source of clean, fresh water to be ‘on-tap’ with the minimum of fuss. AquAid provide a water cooler for each of our classrooms which, for health and safety reasons, have been converted from bottle to mains water supply. Initially, we used our Jamie Oliver funds to provide this easily accessible source of water which is now funded by our annual financial budget. The children, staff and visitors all welcome this resource and they are used continually throughout the day. Apart from financial considerations, AquAid was chosen in particular for its charity work of which we are proud to be a part of. Our pupils appreciate a clean, fresh water supply, understand the importance of this and recognise that not all children have this basic necessity.  


Outdated IT equipment

Our charity involvement continues as we donate surplus equipment to a company whose directors and employees are registered disabled. The PCs, printers, projectors etc are collected and refurbished to a working standard. They are either donated to children in third world countries or sold for a minimal amount to those in the community who would not be able to afford IT equipment through other routes.


Unwanted clothing, textiles, footwear etc.

One of our own fundraising events helps the local community by reducing the need to transport items to a re-cycling centre. Bags of unwanted articles (clothes, paired shoes, handbags, blankets, sheets, curtains, soft toys, books, DVDs and mobile phones) are dropped off at school to be collected by Devises Textiles thrice annually. This company supports charities and deserving causes in Africa and Eastern Europe whilst raising funds for Biggin Primary School, Save The Children, The Charity Shop, RSPCA, Animal Rescue, The British Heart Foundation and Wiltshire Air Ambulance among others.


Milk bottle tops

"When we were young, it was foil tops; nowadays it's plastic milk bottle tops." Rather nice that this tradition has continued and we are able to collect these at school and pass them on to help fund a guide dog for the blind.

Our pre-school advisor is visually impaired, she is accompanied by her guide dog at all times. Sara taught our pupils to not only realise the value of a guide dog but also how to behave around one.

Used postage stamps

We continue to collect used postage stamps that are passed onto a family who collect them for a charity.


Ink cartridges

We collect these and send them off whenever the box is full, in exchange, we receive Marks & Spencer vouchers that are in turn used as Christmas raffle prizes.