Biggin C of E Primary School

Achieve Believe Care

As a parent, grandparent, guardian or member of the community interested in Biggin CE Primary School, you are automatically a member of FOBS.


We meet once a term in school as the day finishes at 3.40pm when tea, coffee, squash and biscuits are served while we chat about general happenings in school.


Fundraising is our main aim as we buy a few resources and/or playtime equipment when required beyond the normal buying power of the school.


Many years ago, the 'Bonus Ball' fundraiser was set up and this continues to date raising somewhere in the region of £1,000 per year for FOBS. It is a very simple system which uses the National Lottery Bonus Ball number from the Saturday draw as our 'winning' number. Each of the 59 numbers are owned by people interested in helping FOBS to raise funds, they keep these numbers for as long as they wish.  As numbers become available, we request new owners via the school's weekly newsletter. Everyone pays £1.00 per week for 'their' number.  The winning number receives half of however much we have received for that week, for example: 42 of the 59 numbers are sold, therefore the winning number will receive £21.00 and £21.00 is retained by FOBS. As an added incentive; the Christmas and Easter draws pay double. If a winning number is unsold, the winnings roll-over to the following week.


A raffle is organised to be drawn at the Christmas concert, basically these two fundraisers keep the account healthy enough to contribute toward the cost of the annual pantomime visit, purchase Christmas presents, subsidise the Christmas party and pay for coach travel to the pantomime and for our summer trip.


We also have an account with Easy Fundraising: if you shop online and go through this site, there is a large 'bank' of companies who will donate a percentage of your purchase costs to school.  All you need to do is log onto the  and shop as usual.

If you use their site as your search engine, we can benefit financially too.