Biggin C of E Primary School

Achieve Believe Care


Take learning in your hands, do not let her go: keep her, for she is your life. (Proverbs 4:13)


 At Biggin C of E Primary school our curriculum is founded on hope and aspiration. We believe every child has a unique part to play in the world and aim to provide rich and balanced learning  so that everyone can Achieve their best for themselves and others, Believe in themselves by developing  knowledge and skills alongside a strong character, positivity and an openness to opportunities and Care for their own wellbeing,  people around them and the wider world.

We teach the National Curriculum, enhanced and delivered in a way which provides rich and stimulating learning for all children in school. We focus strongly on core skills in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science as well as providing a broad education in Foundation Subjects. We are passionate about enjoying learning and know that everyone learns best when they are happy and engaged in activities. Biggin is a a school which promotes a love of reading for pleasure and exploring and celebrating children's personal interests. At the same time we work hard to ensure that children understand the bigger picture and how their learning will help them become active citizens of the future.

We are extremely fortunate to live and work in a very special and beautiful part of the Peak District and enjoy using outside spaces as much as possible in our learning.

Being a very small village school, we are able to offer small class sizes. This enables teaching staff to get to know children very well. The curriculum allows for plenty of opportunities for children to learn in detail about our local environment, community and heritage, including local geography, history and industry. However we recognise that looking outwards to the wider world is an essential requirement of the education we provide for our children. In particular, we recognise children benefit from visiting cities and beginning to understand the contribution we make to national and global communities.

Wherever possible we work with other small schools to enable children to get know other local children and experience working in larger groups. This is regularly part of our Sports and Physical Education provision but has also been achieved in Drama, Art and Religious Education work.  We find this helps our children make smooth and confident transitions to High School, too.



Our curriculum is taught mostly in a topic based way which we believe brings learning to life and is interesting for the children. Topic-based learning also enables links to be made easily between topics and subject areas. Making learning memorable is crucial; we start with what the children know and build on that knowledge. We place a strong emphasis on vocabulary and understanding and ensure knowledge and skills are built on and revisited.


For more information about the content of the curriculum for the different key stages please see their separate pages.