Biggin C of E Primary School

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PE and School Sport




Our vision is that all children are able to develop a love of being physically active and are confident to take part in a wide range of activities and sports. We believe this will enable them to stay fit, healthy and happy. High quality PE and School Sport is an entitlement of all pupils regardless of physical and mental abilities or disabilities, or athletic talent. 


We aspire to all children Achieving their potential in PE and Sports and and experiencing success through becoming more skilled and experienced.

We plan for all children to be able to Believe in their ability to enjoy and succeed in physical activity and to set personal challenges and goals.

At Biggin C of  E Primary School we Care for our own fitness and wellbeing and that we are part of a local sporting community.




We aim to ensure that our PE provision will inspire our children to become fully engaged, find activities they love and raise their aspirations. The provision will be appropriate and fully inclusive to meet the needs of all our children, whilst providing sufficient challenge. The children will be provided with the skills, confidence and relevant experiences to succeed. Children will develop an understanding of the need for self discipline and resilience to develop skills and be able to participate competitively. We place a high emphasis on being able to compete well and show good sportsmanship and team spirit.


Use of Sport Funding For 2019/20:

The Report 'Evidencing the Impact of the Sports Funding for 2019 - 2020' can be found HERE

Plans for the Sports Premium for this year have been considerably impacted by the temporary closure of school due to Covid-19. This affected the range of sporting activities we were able to offer including a number of competitive events.

Our Sports Premium Funding for the year was £16340. Funds of £7609 will be carried over into the academic year 2020-2021 and we plan to spend this by March 2021. Some of this funding will now be spent on developing equipment to encourage children be active and increase core stength, balance and stamina.


Use of Sport Funding For 2018/19: 

Our PE Funding for this year is £16360.  For details of how we spent this funding for 2018-19 against 5 key indicators CLICK HERE


Use of Sport Funding For 2017/18

 Our PE Funding of £16,000.00 for the financial year of 2017/18 has been used to:

 Employ coaches from Derby County Community Trust to provide PE/game sessions (£900)

 Employ dedicated teachers for dance, dramatic dance/drama and swimming (£1,150)

 Sports Packages to allow participation in local and county competitions as well as access to training and to use the village hall during winter months (£1,920)