Biggin C of E Primary School

Achieve Believe Care

Health and Safety Committee



Mrs J. Hewgill (Chair)

Miss T Nicholls  (Head Teacher)

Ms K. Clayton

Mr M. Leslie

Mrs A Bunting



Terms of reference:

  • To advise the Governing Body on priorities, including Health and Safety, for the maintenance and development of the school’s premises
  • To oversee arrangements for repairs and maintenance
  • To make recommendations to the Finance Committee on premises-related expenditure
  • In consultation with the Headteacher and the Finance Committee, to oversee premises-related funding bids
  • To oversee arrangements, including Health and Safety, for the use of school premises by outside users, subject to governing body policy
  • To establish and keep under review a Building Development Plan
  • To establish and keep under review an Accessibility plan
  • To monitor procedures for Health and Safety and the implementation of the Health and Safety policy
  • To monitor provision for teaching road safety and reviewing the School Travel Plan
  • To monitor the effectiveness of the grounds maintenance, cleaning and catering contracts.
  • To monitor the effectiveness of school security
  • To oversee the provision of adequate and suitable school furnishings.
  • Additional items which individual Governing Bodies may wish to include



 The committee met in the Spring and Summer Terms.

The committee looked at the Fire Risk Assessment and discussed changes made to include a personal egress plan and notification to the Fire Brigade of the presence of oxygen cylinders.  They discussed the implications of the questionnaire used to update the Accessibility/Disability Equality Scheme.

The committee recommended that the Governing Body adopt the revised Critical Incident Plan.

The committee members looked at the overall condition of the buildings.